Vets Fight On is a mission created by ForcesUnited to operate in conjunction with a variety of partners, including the VA. It simplifies the process of ensuring health and wellness needs are met and every veteran has an opportunity to thrive.


Operating in conjunction with a variety of partners. Including the VA, ForcesUnited simplifies the process of ensuring medical needs are met and every veteran has an opportunity to thrive.

VFO offers adaptive holistic activities for veterans and service members with visible and silent wounds.


Healthy. Thriving. Veterans.

We see “disability” as a superpower.

Your physical injury, amputation or invisible wound,  is not a weakness. In fact, we see it as a gift — your personal superpower. While that may be hard to hear at first, our coaches will work with you to show you what is possible.

We eliminate the concept of a ‘profile’. We will scale the wall with you and help you reach your goals and potential.


As the Health and Wellness branch of ForcesUnited, we provide veterans access to holistic and alternative care, adaptive sports and meaningful activities.

Our efforts link veterans to the community and assist the community with understanding veterans.

Ultimately, our goal is to reduce the rates of veteran suicide by offering wellness opportunities, connection, meaning and 100% inclusivity.


Our partners and collaborating organizations in the CSRA bring a full range of holistic activities and adaptive sports to our veterans.

Partners Include:

  • Veterans for Clean Water
  • Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center

See Our 2022 Health and Wellness Activity Schedule

By partnering with and supporting area organizations, Vets Fight On serves as a resource hub for disabled Veterans. It offers select wellness programs, refers them to various adapted sports programs in operation and leads the in-take and management components of this health and wellness initiative.


Pete Way, disabled OEF veteran, has begun leading the cycling component of the Health and Wellness program. Pete received life-saving help from ForcesUnited and now is eagerly giving back. Since 2014, he has competed at the national level in multiple adapted sports and multiple competitions with Paralyzed Veterans Racing, Team Semper Fi, and the VA’s Valor Games, becoming a four time handcycling champion. Haibike USA sponsors Pete as an adapted athlete. He is also a member of the US Paralympic Nordic Development Team. Through Blaze Sports America, he is currently completing his certification as an Adaptive Recreation and Sports Specialist, having attended over 15 weeks of adapted sports camps and professional instruction. Since 2016, he has participated in the Bush Team 43 Leadership Series. Using his military leadership experience to hone his vision for the cycling component, he will operate as its Lead Cycling Coach.